Hello?This is Choi Yong-sung,CEO of Daehan Sensor Corporation.

“Making utmost effort rather than just being top”

It's my great honor to welcome you to our website.

I would like to first thank to all of my precious customers who have encouraged and supported out company with consistent love and interest until now through the whole challenging and harsh times.

Daehan Sensor already started robust jumping up while developing excessively precise sensor with trustworthy background.

As our slogan, “Making utmost effort rather than just being top.”, we excel and concentrate on developing our own product to contribute for domestic economy while insuring substantiality, holding long term vision, and challenging to the future.

Our company will be lasting for generations outward to the whole wide world as the best sensor-oriented company and do our best and best for perfect customer satisfaction with continuous research and development and decisive technology investment.

We will spring up as a future-leading company in this infinite competitive are while solidifying the foundation for maintain and growing up in long-term base.

Our initiative motto has been ‘contribution to the society’ with continuous research and development as a righteous company as the only good reason for Daehan Sensor to exist.

In this globalization era, we will make constant effort and overcome challenges with mutual trust and listen to our customers’ precious voice to keep our promise for customer satisfaction.
We will sincerely fulfill our engagement to serve our customers with considerate mind and trustworthy attitude. We will be “always new”, growing up everyday, and beloved company for ever.

I truly expect your constant support and encouragement.