Level Unit


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Operating Principle

 DLC-4U-2W Level Controller gets signal from each point of the sensor installed in the tank and displays the level of the liquid in the tank with its LED points.

 As a 2-wire-type controller, the controller is responding only to its compatible level sensor's current output which was converted from its original contact switching signal, by the sensor's current converter.
 LED display enables you to read the current status correctly and easily.
 This is designed to be used for 2 alarm relays (For each high and low), 1 control relay and 1 buzzer relay as per the user's purpose and circumstance.

 Depending on how to set its internal jumper pin, a user can choose either of belows operation modes.

          *To Supply (commonly to run a value)
          *To Drain (commonly to run a pump)

Features & Applications

▶L.E.D Display.
▶2 wire type
▶2ea Alarm, 1ea Control and 1 Buzzer.

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General Specification

Compatible Sensor
Major Usage
1 Pump/Valve Control
Voltage Supply
AC 220V, 60Hz
Input Signal
4~20mA (Point Signal)
Relay 4 ea
Indication Method
LED Lamp

Other Specification

Indicate L.E.D. Lamp
Operating Temperature  0℃ ~ 60℃
Dimensions  87mm(W) , 155mm(H),
Relay Output Max. Switching  1250VA, 150W
Current Capacitor
Relay Output Max. Switching  250VAC, 30VDC
Relay Output Max. Switching  5A
Material   A.B.S